Central Park

Howdy strangers…yes indeed, I have been running amok lately. Not Godzilla destruction amok, just super busy, birthday celebrating, holiday gathering madness. So, no time for writing or much quilting, just lots of events and oodles of soccer games. Three in one week. It is exhausting to watch that many gut-wrenching matches in four days. My son was worn smack dab out playing so much. One last game tomorrow and the season is OVER. Yay! I love watching him play; however, this has been a rough season and the kids are big enough and strong enough to REALLY hurt each other. I admit it–I’m a worrier at the super professional level when it comes to my only child. I’d love to see him wearing a helmet, knee pads and an inflatable sumo suit. Would it limit mobility? Yeah. Would I laugh my ass off watching him bound down the field like a moon man? Of course. Would I also feel incredibly relieved about his safety? Absolutely!

I haven’t been entirely remiss in my artistic and quilting endeavors. Bam and I pulled her design wall down from its housing on Friday (mystifying Papa about HOW exactly it would retract later) and I started designing my latest quilt. Bam gave me the Central Park line from Kate Spain by Moda. LUSCIOUS. The fabric features jewel tones mixed with subtle taupe and rich brown and designs reflecting the Central Park zoo and the lovely trees and flowers all around. Per my usual memory lapses, I cannot recall the pattern name. It’s very simple though and made even easier by using pre-cut 2 1/2 white cotton strips. The colors DELIGHT me. And the designs are so amazing and cohesive.

What else is going on? Well, tomorrow I start an online accessory design course. I’m not sure if I have ever mentioned one of my other obsessions…shoes. Ever since I donned a pair of black patent leather 3 1/2″ heels for PDC in ninth grade, I have been mad-monkey-in-love with shoes. My collection never reached Imelda Marcos proportions, mostly due to closet and budgetary restrictions, yet I have collected and enjoyed many gorgeous shoes through the years. For a great while, I have longed to find a fulfilling pursuit that would tap into my creativity and obsessions so that I would never be bored with my vocation. Call it a “DUH” moment or a tremendous epiphany…either way, shoes was the obvious answer. I’ll definitely be posting about my class soon.

The next two weeks will be fantastic. My son celebrates his 15th birthday on Saturday! Woot woot! He wants a low key evening with some good friends. I can manage that. The next weekend, Mom and I will journey to the Big Apple for my Heather Ross fabric design class! I’m a little nervous about it because I haven’t had time to learn Adobe Illustrator, Suite, etc. I’m hoping I can pick up the basics quickly. Either way, it will be an honor to meet the wonderfully imaginative woman who designed the unicorn fabric (Far Far Away series) that I so adore. It’s like going to meet a movie star!

(Side story: I hope I won’t get verklempt like when I met Burt Reynolds. Just so you know, Smokey and the Bandit is one of my favorite movies of all time. I love, love, love Burt Reynolds. Only he and my dad can pull off a mustache properly. I was working at the House of Fleming  years ago (an alligator accessory business…belts, buckles, boots, etc.), when who should waltz in? The one, the only, Burt Reynolds. My boss, Nancy, pointed her manicured red nail at him and said rather saucily, “I know who YOU are”.  For five minutes, maybe ten, he and Nancy talked about gun belts and our other wares. Burt is a gentleman, phenomenally nice and exudes the most ridiculous, all encompassing charisma I have ever felt. He fills up a room with his exuberant presence. Finally, he said hello to me. I tried to be cool. I tried. But it was IMPOSSIBLE. I lost it completely. I said in a super high pitched voice, very rushed, “ilovedyouinsmokeyandthebanditcanigetapicturewithyou”. He guffawed heartily and remarked in the most honeyed-drawl EVER, “Awww, darlin, you weren’t even born when I made that movie”. I tittered and just about died when he put his arm around my shoulder for the photo. Truly, he is a delight and it was beyond an honor to meet him. I keep the framed photo on my bookshelf and grin ear-to-ear every time I look at it. )

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