Big Primpin

I know I have been super lazy lately about writing. Spring weather drags me outside, pollen be damned! So I haven’t been quilting much. Mostly just playing volleyball, running and coughing up yellow stuff. The big news today…it’s my birthday! Woot woot!

How am I celebrating? Me, Peanut and the folks are headed to Dante’s Down The Hatch for fondue and jazz. I’m also hosting my family Easter gathering on Saturday. I’m very excited about that! And going to Lindsay’s birthday party on Saturday! Whew! Then Easter services on Sunday morning. I might need a Red Bull to prop me up on Sunday morning. Nothing says Easter like an energy drink.

I finished piecing the blue and white blocks. Now I have to attach the white strips. Should be simple.

Lindsay’s birthday quilt needed a tag, so I whipped out the embroidery unit, programmed the D-card and stitched it up. Giving up this quilt is a huge personal sacrifice. I love the colors and the fabrics. The entire backing is Saffron Craig owls! From Australia! Plus, Bam helped me finish it and gave me some of the owl fabric. I love Linds lots though and wanted to give her something really special.

I also got a new duvet cover with shams for my bed. It’s a turquoise and white geometric pattern that echoes the headboard of my bed. I love how it looks with my beach ball quilt.

Well, gotta go get primpin’!

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