Spring has Sprung!

I must admit that I LOVE warm weather. And this mild winter and early spring have been absolutely delightful! Sure, I know the bugs will drive us nuts this summer and our pollen count is astronomically high (thousands and thousands). However, all this sunshine and gorgeous weather makes me SO happy. My outdoor activities curb my quilting a little, but not too much.

The past few weeks, my sewing room was under construction. The painting never happened, so I put everything back in order and started on the blues quilt again. I have just under two rows to strip piece and then I’ll be ready to attach the long white strips . I don’t have photos of it right now…maybe in a few days when I have the top done altogether.

Pinterest has been my newest obsession. Check it out when you have time. You can create a “pin board” online with your favorite things. It is fantastic for creative ideas. I found a photo of a wreath made of little drink umbrellas and felt compelled, nay, INCITED, to make one myself. For about $10, including the cost of umbrellas at Party City and a foam wreath form from Michael’s, I assembled one. I also added some protective lacquer (add another $5) since my front door isn’t well-protected from the elements. TOO CUTE!

Peanut and I had a little adventure this past weekend. We attended a wedding in Louisville, Kentucky. My friend, Katie, was marrying her long-time boyfriend, Brennan. The ceremony and reception was held at the Mellwood Arts Center. It’s an old factory building re-purposed into studio and entertainment space. She was an absolutely stunning bride in her sleeveless lace dress with a fishtail hem and lace-up back. Brennan got choked up during the ceremony (how sweet!), but persevered and stayed upright. Katie is extremely artistic…she has her own Etsy site, Remaking Memories. She designed many, many things for the wedding. It was all amazing and cohesive. We were honored and tickled to be a part of their big day. I wish them much love and happiness for the rest of their lives.

During the reception (but before the bride and groom reappeared after photos), Patrick wandered through the art center. March Madness was in full swing at a tiny bar/cafe in the heart of the complex. The Cardinals were playing for a spot in the Final Four. The bar owner saw Patrick trying to watch the game through the window and yelled at him “Get in Heerreeee!” I guess Pat brought them some good luck because they came back from an 11-point deficit in under a minute or two to win. Pat said the crowd went wild. He came back laughing and giddy that he had been embraced by the warm glow of fellow basketball fans.

The art center had a super cool mobile hanging in an open atrium. Giant fish and ocean creatures! I love the jellyfish and the lion fish. The mobile didn’t delight Patrick quite so much…he discovered an unfinished part of the building, missing any side walls, with ramps leading to and fro, plus a random spare abandoned tire. He rolled the tire down the ramps over and over again for fun. Who needs an Xbox when you have an old tire?

Patrick also loved the hotel shower cap. I have no idea why, but he wore it whenever we were in the room. He’s such a ham. And I love him more than anything.

I’ll return to my sewing stories soon. Lots of quilts to finish and make embroidery tags for. Plus, I have Easter festivities to plan, birthdays to celebrate and lots of volleyball to play! Bunnies and blessings, y’all!

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