Under Construction

Quilt piecing has ground to a halt this week. My sewing lair is getting a much-needed facelift and it is in total, fantastic disarray. Painters will attack the atrocious paneling in my basement and shellac everything in a gorgeous pale moss green paint with darker moss trim on the windowsills. I’m so excited about it! The carpet is beige and the sofa is beige, so I really needed color on the walls. Plus, I loathe, loathe, loathe paneling, especially cheap, nasty paneling. Here’s a shot of my sewing room and all the chaos thus far…

Before the madness ensued, I started piecing the long strips for the Blues Quilt. It’s so fast and easy! The only tough part is when you start putting all the long strips together…it gets a tad cumbersome. The quilting will continue when they finish painting the basement. I can’t even get near my sewing machine at the moment. Not a problem though…Little Quilts finished my two small quilts yesterday! I plan to stitch the binding on by hand, so I won’t be jonesing for creative time.

I’m also thrilled that it is now MARCH! Woohoo! March Madness! Sadly, Georgia Tech is having a rough year and will undoubtedly miss the NCAA tourney again. How I long for the glory days and glory players of GA Tech basketball…Jon Barry, Lethal Weapon Three (Dennis Scott, Kenny Anderson, Brian Oliver), James Forrest, etc. I fondly reminisce back to when buzzer beaters were de riguer; Coach Bobby yelled at ’em to make those “Free Frose”; and our Yellow Jackets, perpetually under-ranked underdogs, scrapped their way through the most exciting basketball games ever; AND damn near won a National Championship.

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2 Responses to Under Construction

  1. Janet O'Quinn says:

    You should have a lovely work area when finished. Aunt Patsy has a well organized room, I was impressed. Tell me about the still life in the foreground standing on the floor, is that your work? I just had back surgery, have a quilt all marked to work on but unable to sit up yet to work on it, Aunt Patsy says to be patient but I go crazy if my hands are idle without some kind of sewing. Be sure to post the finished product once room is complete!

    • shnelly13 says:

      Unfortunately, the painting has been postponed. I’m bummed, but need to stay within budget for my household repairs. Something to look forward to in the future!
      The still life is my work. It’s unfinished. I have often considered completing it, but it’s oils. I love oils; however, they are so messy and get all over me. Or maybe it’s that I’m messy and get oils all over me. Maybe one day I’ll get a wild hair and attack it.
      Bam told me about your back surgery. I’m so sorry you are enduring a lot of pain. I hope you recover quickly. Nothing is worse than being bored and unable to move. I’m just getting over bronchitis and I was going so stir crazy in my house.

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