Off to Little Quilts!

Hi Everybody!

I haven’t fallen down a rabbit hole…just have the February blahs. Even without a cold winter, I am ready for SPRING. I finished two quilt tops this month though, and that is impressive. Granted, they aren’t very large, but they are delightful. The Block of the Month quilt top in Asian prints and batiks was assembled with a gorgeous red, plum and tan diamond print (with tiny gold dots in the center of each diamond) for the sashing. I decided to forgo adding a large border, so this will be a decorative wall hanging quilt rather than a lap or bedding quilt. The backing has Asian medallions with koi and floral vignettes on a black background. It’s so striking! I can’t wait to see it finished. The border print is red with goldenrod ginko leaves and gold accents.

Cricket Blocks was also included in the Little Quilts run. I found an adorable grassy green dot fabric for the backing. I wish that I could have found more of Jay McCarroll’s prints for the backing, but I am impatient on a good day. I’ll post a photo when the quilt sandwich is complete.

So what else am I doing? I started another quilt. Bam gave me a gorgeous kit that she bought a few years ago at Quilting by the Bay in Panama City. The quilt top features 6″ dark royal blue batik print blocks surrounded by white strips. The blue blocks almost look like they are floating. I cut and organized 99 blue blocks, some very long white sashing strips and lots of blue binding. I can’t wait to post a picture of this quilt! It’s going to be huge…like queen size! Better yet, it should be very quick to assemble.

March is going to be a crazy month…Bachelorette party coming up (not for me…for a friend), her wedding, Peanut’s Spring Break, and preparing for the Heather Ross fabric design class in April! Woohoo! Loads to look forward to!


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