Cricket Blocks

Since the Asian Print Block of the Month quilt is waiting for me to find sash material, I decided to start some new quilts. I’ve had a pack of 15 fat quarters in boyish colors and prints (thank you, Jay McCarroll!) waiting patiently to be stitched into something special. I thought about making the pattern that Intown Quilters recommended. Grid paper in hand, I played with some ideas and came up with a cute, simple block. I’m calling the pattern “Cricket Blocks”. Each block has one corner square in a contrasting color/pattern. I managed to cut out everything correctly (miracle of miracles!). It’s easy to piece and goes quickly. Be sure to check out the close-ups…the fabrics have adorable crazy bugs, groovy mushrooms, wonky bunnies, loony birds and funky green tomatoes. I love the whimsy in Jay’s designs!

All of the Asian blocks laid out side by side (they still need sashing, a border, backing fabric, quilting and the binding). See below!

I finally finished the tag on the Chubby Frog quilt. He’s too cute and special for Etsy. I’m saving him for the next baby in our family. See below! (And previous Chubby Bullfrog post for the entire quilt)

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2 Responses to Cricket Blocks

    • shnelly13 says:

      OMG!!! Thank you so much! I love, love, love your fabrics! They are so delightfully whimsical and cool! I am truly honored that you commented! You absolutely made my day!

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