A Dozen and Done!

Extended breaks can be bad for your quilting…you forget your machine settings, you lose your mojo, and you make mistakes. Fortunately, I didn’t spend too long away from the Block of the Month. *Cue triumphant music from Chariots of Fire* Block 11 and Block 12 are finished!

Block 11 is called Flock of Geese. It was an easy block, just two sizes of half square triangles mixed together. The photo doesn’t do the block justice. I could see this being a great block in all sorts of color combinations.


Block 12 is the Broken Star. Much more complex, it included flying geese, half square triangles and my least favorite pieces, bias-cut triangles. I have it figured out though! Pin lots and keep the pins in until you almost stitch over them. And use lots of Magic Sizing to begin with. I was concerned that the colors were too muted and similar to give it impact, but it looks fantastic.


So what’s left? Deciding on block arrangement, sashing around all the blocks, adding borders, picking out backing fabric and binding, and then sending it off to Little Quilts for sandwiching magic. I think this quilt is going to be GORGEOUS!


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