Amazing Arrowhead

Hey-ho folks! I just finished Block 10, Arrowhead, AND watched an episode of Project Runway: All Stars featuring Miss Piggy! The Muppets were a HUGE part of my childhood. I had bedding with Miss Piggy and Kermie in ballgowns and tuxedos, respectively. I listened to all their records that I played on my Fisher Price record player. And of course, I watched the Muppet Show religiously. The winner of the challenge created a flamenco-inspired ruffled cocktail dress in pink, white and fuchsia polka dot silk organza. Or was that my favorite? I was busy sewing, but that dress made an impact on me.

I really love this block. The arrows and star shape are so eye-catching. It had lots of pieces, but they went together smoothly. Thank goodness…I couldn’t handle any more stress about my seams. Pressing your seams open really cuts down on bulk when you put everything together. And check out how perfect the back is!

I won’t be working on a new block until Sunday. This week has been very momentous. We celebrated Dad’s birthday on Wednesday and we celebrate Bam’s birthday tomorrow! We took Dad to Stoney River for an amazing dinner. The staff was so kind and took great care of us (thank you, Forbes!). Friday morning, we are taking Bam to Tea Leaves & Thyme for high tea. It’s a tiny historical place in Woodstock that was transformed into a tea house. Fancy hats and old photos adorn the walls, plus lots of tchotchkes. They serve finger food, scones, chicken salad, tomato basil soup and flavored teas out of real tea pots. DELIGHTFUL! You can even wear some of the old hats if you want! I often bring my own. For the coup de grace that evening, I will celebrate my best friend’s birthday, Miss Coco Loco, at Square Pub. Like I said before, I am spending most of my free time these days happily toasting people. Blessings, birthday wishes and love to my Dad, Bam and Coco.

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