Pleated Wristlet Experiment

Yikes! I didn’t expect the censored posts! Kind of freaky, but I’m glad they are protesting the SOPA and PIPA. How can our senators and congressmen pass these bills if they don’t even understand the implications? One word: lobbyists. I’m not well-versed in politics so that’s about all I’ll say.

Back to what I do know…sewing. I have been working on the 10th block, Arrowhead, but I’m taking my time. I adjusted my seam width (I think I was too scant on the scant 1/4″ and it was throwing off everything) and have had better results. I actually took a break from the Block of the Month for a few days over the long weekend. After several soirees, I decided to work on an original design. Amy Butler’s toiletry bag had given me an idea to create a pleated clutch/wristlet. I had never made anything with pleats. Using the entire width of the fabric, I made half-inch pleats across a 7″ tall strip. I pressed each pleat, pinned and stitched them down. I gave the wristlet slightly curved sides at the bottom and brought the top edges in by 1/2″ to give it a nice shape. The wrist strap is the perfect length. Fusible interfacing gives it some body and the stuffed leaf zipper pull adds whimsy (whimsy being my favorite sewing ingredient). Coordinating fabric lines the inside. The Pleated Techno-Floral Print Wristlet is up for sale on Etsy! Yay! It’s chic! It’s tiny! But big enough for an iPhone, Chapstick, credit cards and cash! If it doesn’t sell, I’m keeping it. Check out LittleBirdSews on Etsy if you want to snag it first.

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