Forest Path…complete with briars

Wow. What a large weekend. My son had basketball games on Thursday and Friday, taking up most of those afternoons. Friday night, he had a sleepover with two buddies at our house. I took them bowling in hopes of wearing them out…that didn’t work. They drank a 12-pack of cokes and stayed up till at least five in the morning. Another friend joined them at three on Saturday and Pat’s dad took them all to the Monster Jam down at the Dome. I was tempted to join them for some redneck rodeo. Instead, I attended a birthday party with friends and got reacquainted with people who don’t play Pokemon. So, I’m still clearing off the detritus from the mob of teenage boys that went rambling through my home. I’ll be finding Fiddle Faddle in the couch for weeks. And Coke cans stashed in strange places. They’re almost like my dogs, hiding food in nooks and crannies for later. The big problem is, they forget about it. Either I find it or bugs find it. Let’s hope I manage to excavate the ransacked bedroom crime scene in time.


All of that excitement took precedence over the quilting. When the boys wandered outside yesterday afternoon to play basketball, I snuck downstairs and started sewing. I was working on Block Nine, Forest Path. It seemed daunting…24 half square triangles. Plus an assortment of other bits. This block was not fun to put together. I could never quite get it right. My seams were the perfect width. The blocks were all squared off properly, yet nothing wanted to behave. I stitched the small blocks together in the wrong direction. I tried to “ease” in parts that didn’t fit. Seams didn’t match up. URGH! I spent quite awhile ripping seams apart. This pattern left too much in question. However, I finally got it together. It’s not perfect. I love the colors and the design, but it was a bear. Maybe it needed more starch? For the next block, I’m gonna starch it so heavily, it’ll be able to stand up like Papa’s blue jeans.(Papa is my grandfather, Bam’s loving husband of 61 years, who has Vitalis in his bloodstream, a comb in his pocket and perfectly pressed clothing right down to his boxers.)

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