Owls Afoot

As promised, I’m posting pics of my newest quilt. The pattern is from an Amy Butler compilation. I had a bit of trouble with all the triangles and my normally perfect scant 1/4″ seams. I wasn’t sure how to match up the triangles at times and it affected how they all came together. Thankfully, it all turned out fine anyway (or so the untrained eye might conclude). The real delight of this quilt, aside from the eye-popping oranges, yellows and reds, is the backing. Saffron Craig’s owls in trees are perfect for the back of the quilt! The tall tree panels are in the center, flanked by the owls in moons. I love, love, love her designs! They have a great sense of whimsy and playfulness. I hoped to finish this quilt before Christmas, but I was one yard shy of having enough owl fabric. So I ordered more from Saffron in Australia. The Christmas rush delayed shipping and it felt like months for it to arrive (really, it was probably 3-4 weeks). Now I’m not sure what I will do with it. Keep it, gift it, sell it? Owls tickle me, but I might know someone who’d love it more.

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1 Response to Owls Afoot

  1. Donna Brooks says:

    Awesome, JoJo!

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