Out of Order

D’oh! I must have missed posting a quilt square somewhere because they got out of order. I skipped from Block 4, May Basket straight to Block 6, Martha Washington. Double X, Block 5 got left out, I think.

Block 5, Double X: This one still makes me think “TIE Fighters”.


Block 6, Martha Washington: I love the star pattern of this block. It was a little trickier to make.


Block 7 Peace and Plenty: Yikes! This should have been called Plenty of Pieces. Bias cut pieces stretch easily so this block was much more challenging. The stretch can spell disaster for your block. I recommend using LOTS of Magic Sizing and careful pinning to prevent movement. Plus, make sure you have a perfect SCANT 1/4″ seam.


Block 8 Yankee Puzzle: Such a gorgeous block! The colors are vibrant and enticing…like a Bird of Paradise plant. This block was much simpler than Block 7. Thank Goodness!


Block 9 is going to be a tremendous challenge–it has 24 half square triangles and other bits too. I won’t be posting that for a few days since soooo many people decided to have January birthdays and throw parties I feel compelled to attend. LOL.

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2 Responses to Out of Order

  1. amysworlds says:

    I love the butterfly fabric in your first picture. Don’t worry about missing one out, they still look beautiful 😀

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