Martha Washington = Block Five! Hooray!

After having an office meltdown last week, I craved the comfort of my cozy sewing lair. Numbers, as you could guess, are not my forte. So anything involving higher math and accounting is bound to scramble my brain. I went home, ate dinner with Peanut and got busy sewing. I needed to redo Block One because I stupidly squared it off. This made the block 1/4″ too small all the way around and it no longer matched Blocks Two through Five. But don’t worry about me wasting Block One. I already used it to make a really cute black tote bag!

Block Five is called Martha Washington. I LOVE the colors and high contrast! The black bows remind me of TIE fighters from Star Wars. Admittedly, I am a huge fan of Star Wars, especially since it was the very first movie I ever saw. JAWS was the second movie. Yes indeed, I am a sci-fi and horror movie geek. This block was really easy and fun to make. Sometimes when the blocks are really small or cut on the bias, it’s quite frustrating. We’ll get to those issues in the next Block.

Later today, I’ll be posting photos of the nearly finished Triangle quilt AND Block 6. It’ll be scintillating…I assure you.

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