Carrie Nation…Block Three!

Here it is…Block Three! Apparently it is called Carrie Nation. Now I really want to invent my own quilt block…JoJo Nation! So, what did I learn from this block? An easy way to make those 3″ checkboard blocks with 1 3/4″ strips. And more affirmation that accurate scant 1/4″ seams and blocking your squares to perfection is SOOOO important.

I also looked back through the patterns to find out the other names. Block One is Beginner’s Choice. Block Two is Magic Triangles. I pressed the fabric for Block Four tonight but just didn’t have the energy to get started on it. Winter has finally arrived here and my basement (AKA the Sewing Cave) is frigid. Add in some Seasonal Affective Disorder, lack of volleyball and running, and post-holiday slump, and now I’m worried that my new year quilting jag is going to fall flat on its face like every diet resolution ever made.

Has anyone seen the new Geico commercial with the little pig taking a zip line down a mountain? I almost think it should have debuted during the Super Bowl. Yeah, it’s just that redonkulously adorbs. Weeee! Weeee! Weeeeeeeeeeee! Pure adrenaline. *snort* *giggle* Weeee! Weeee! Weeeeeeeeeeee! Youtube it. Halloween 2012 is a lock for me. You guessed it– Geico Pig in Full Zip Line Regalia including the pinwheels!

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