On a painting jag…

Since abject boredom has taken hold without my normal routine (and, more importantly, my son’s normal school routine) and I have watched all the TV I can stand, I started cleaning out my supply closet and decided to finish EVERY SINGLE PAINTING that I ever started and didn’t finish. I don’t have a count yet, but it must be dozens. I normally only paint when the muse hits me, which is sadly very seldom anymore. I was once an art student…toting my sketchbook under my arm or pilfering napkins from restaurants for impromptu sketches. What happened to me? Did I lose my verve? My mojo? Run out of creative juice? Who knows? Extreme happiness or sadness are often catalysts for my greatest drawings and paintings. I’m bouncing back and forth between the two poles right now, so it will hopefully be a fertile time for painting. At very least, folks are going to be receiving gifts that were promised eons ago.

The quilting tables were cleared to make way for my tabletop easel, the plastic plate I use as a palette, my assortment of well-worn and beloved brushes (some belonged to Bam from her ceramic days…about 40 years ago), my PT&C water mug and my motley mess of acrylic tubes. I love oils but acrylics clean up SO easily. They dry fast too. The only drawback is the slightly plastic-y look.

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My dark, violent version of Little Red Riding Hood is a gift for a wonderful friend. She had a dream about Red and the wolf after seeing an abstract painting and asked me to paint something similar for her. I started it probably 5 years ago. I should have taken a before shot…the wolf was standing stiffly off to the side and didn’t really look menacing at all. Giving the wolf an action pose has made all the difference! Right? And Red looks so much more imperiled…and she’s blurred by the motion of twisting and running away. Gallery wrap canvases are my favorite…no need for a frame or anything to hang it. I knew it was finished when I didn’t want to give it up.

Curved Seashell is a study, on its way to being gifted. Metallic paints give it a luminous sheen…just like the inside of the real shell. I loved the contrasting texture between the inside and outside. Inside was so smooth, while the outside was rough, calloused and bumpy.

Little Dove With Snowflakes is painted on a small 8×10 gallery wrap canvas. I put it on my Etsy site. It’s just a decorative piece, so nothing too exciting. As mentioned in posts past, I love birds and metallic paint. The bright blue really pops against the dark background.

I’m working up to something large and very special…a portrait of my grandparents when they were young. I haven’t taken the canvas out yet. It’s huge…almost life size. Bam and Papa just renewed their vows this past week. They have been married for over 61 years! They got married on April Fool’s Day–Papa always says that he thought it was a joke. I think the recent ceremony has given them so much joy and excitement. Still in love after all those years! Love and blessings to Bam and Papa!

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