No Nog Allowed

I have never tried eggnog, mostly because the name deters me. Nog. It’s just not pretty. And the whole raw egg thing in an alcoholic drink. ICK. Although, to be fair, I love cake batter and frozen raw cookie dough. Sure, salmonella may be a risk, but 35 years of such delights and I’m still clucking. Enough nog, let’s get on to Christmas Creations!

For Bitsy, Mom’s little terrier mix puppy, I made a Fleas Navidog wooby. The fabric is my own design from Spoonflower, featuring my dog Skyler in a sombrero and poncho. I only quilted the front side with yellow thread in big zig zags. The backing is Snuggle fabric (sort of furry) in a delightful peach sherbet color. It turned out so cute and soft! Just what a puppy needs for a good nap.

The second complete gift is the red, white and black toiletry bag. I love this Amy Butler pattern…it’s so easy once you’ve done it a few times. It has pleats on the bottom of the bag for shape. The fabrics were a gift from my cousin, Kelly, for my birthday this year. The prints are called “Black and White and Red Allover Style”. No clue who made them though. The lining is by Aunt Grace Signature Collection by Jadie Rothermel 2001 for Marcus Brothers Textiles, Inc. Hmmm, definitely dug deep into Bam’s stash to find that. I love these toiletry bags because you can wash them when they get soiled with makeup!

Mom is getting the Georgia Tech apron for Christmas. It’s the same design as my cupcake and birdy aprons. Most of my family went to Georgia Tech…Mom, Dad, Uncle Lee, and my brother and cousin currently. I didn’t go there but I’m still a Ramblin’ Wreck from Georgia Tech. Dad and I cheered them all the way to the Final Four back in the day. Woe to me, I was not “mathical” like the rest of my clan, so I attended Brown University. And RISD. And Oglethorpe. They don’t make cool fabric for those schools. I love the Black and Yellow (cue awesome rap song that Patrick and I love). While I’m really glad that Mom doesn’t cook as much anymore, now she’ll be prepared IN GT STYLE when she does!

For Bammy, I made a new beaded eyeglass lariat. Mom found the kit at Little Quilts and gave it to me. Love, love, love the fuzzy wool balls! They are lightweight and adorable! It took no time to make. I seldom work on jewelry crafting anymore, but after creating this, I might do it more often.

To package my Christmas goodies, I used patterns off the back of an old Paper Source calendar. Recycling at its best! The little curved boxes look so elegant and polished. I tied twine around them and attached matching gift tags.  Usually I simply bag everything. Big improvement!

I’m writing this after spending my evening at church with my mom, dad, Bam, Papa, brother, Patrick, and the Heatons. After a lovely candlelit service, we headed over to Benihana for some Yuletide feasting. Such a perfect way to spend Christmas Eve.

Blessings to everyone! Have a Very Merry Christmas and a Joyous New Year!

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