Elf Interrupted

If you find me catatonic, buried in a heap of tissue paper, jingle bells and bows, don’t be surprised. Christmas has snuck up on me like a creepy little kid from Paranormal Activities. I’m getting small things finished. As Bam says, baby steps. I completed a girly toddler quilt for a friend, complete with lavender satin binding (really hard to control) and Hello Kitty motif. Admittedly, it is not the most challenging item I have ever produced, but I think it’s a cute gift. I’m waiting on Saffron Craig plushie patterns to make something for Kate’s little brother.

The first few coin purses are done! The tiny elephants are perfect! And the huge gumball clasps excite me! Very important tip…add 1/8″ to the 1/4″ seam allowance. The batting can shrink your 1/4″ seam allowance and make the bag too small to fit snugly inside the metal frame. I’m using some super 3000 gel adhesive. It works well and peels off the metal nicely if you get messy. I haven’t mastered the large clutch yet. I made one for my mom for her birthday and discovered that you cannot crimp the metal edges of the frame. The metal is too stout. Another tip, do not try to bend the frames. It distorts the fit of the clasp. Ditto for crimping the edges of the frame to bite the fabric.

I finished my placemats a few weeks ago. I really tickled with how they look on my glass table! Plus, they are washable. So festive!

I also posted two pics of my mom’s precious little pup, Bitsy. She has been recovering from pneumonia and is doing much better now. I’m hoping to make her a shoelace tag blanket and maybe a puppy sling (like a baby sling, only cheaper than the Babys R’ Us $50 glorified scarf). She needs a wardrobe too, especially since Biscuit hates clothes.

Elfy here feels less anxious after posting. Hope everyone is having a lovely holiday season so far! Be safe, avoid lampshades as hats and eat some fudge for me!

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