Are you ready for some goodies?

For some reason, I have that Hank person’s football anthem stuck in my head, singing “Are you ready for some goodies?”. Holiday gatherings and Peanut’s sporting events have conspired to keep me away from my sewing room. I suspect this will continue and leave me burning the midnight and three a.m. oil to get my projects done.

Yesterday, I completed my first coin purse. Big orange gumball clasps match the orange, red and green bird-in-tree fabric with matching orange button print lining. I am IN LURVE with these little clasps! I gave the bottom of the bag a slightly boxed corner, but really the fabric is too light to stand up even with medium weight fusible interfacing. Maybe I’ll use heavier weight interfacing next time. The glue is a little tricky to use when installing the fabric inside the clasp. My plastic bone folder was perfect for tucking the fabric in the metal crease without tearing it up. I couldn’t get any twine tucked into the crease, so I’ll just have to crimp the metal without the twine.

Bam has tackled lots of coin purses…see the amazing pics below. I helped pick out the fabrics. Sherbet Pips was perfect for the little purses! Bam surprised me with a batch of tiny elephant print fabric to go with my gumball clasps. So many colors! Pink, light blue, spring green, grey, yellow! If I don’t give them all away or keep some myself, a few might end up on my Etsy site. (I sold the second cupcake apron a few weeks ago! Yay! I gave the proceeds to a school charity drive for needy families. We went holiday shopping at Walmart for them. Truly fulfilling!)

On a totally unrelated topic (warning… slightly adult content ahead…do not proceed unless you have a ribald sense of humor), my adorable 9th grader got in some hot water when he opened his backpack in Spanish class and something bobbled out onto the carpet. Unbeknownst to my son, a fellow classmate (or so we speculate and hope) hid a set of anatomically correct faux foam cojones (say that ten times fast) in his stuff. This was one of those times that as a parent you must act stern, but really, you just want to laugh. A LOT. In tears. Doubled over and giggling uncontrollably. His teacher and the dean left his discipline in my care, which I truly appreciate. Though his embarrassment over the whole thing was probably more effective than any punishment. Especially when his dad and I were playing catch with them in the kitchen.

Hopefully I have not offended anyone’s delicate sensibilities. Live, love and laugh!

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