All is revealed…

I kept promising that one day I would list all of the quilt patterns and fabric designer names. That day has finally arrived! I have compiled as many credits as possible. I’m warning you…it may be a boring post. See the past posts by title to see the photos. However, if you ever wanted to know where I got a pattern or who designed that cute goldfish material, here’s your chance!

In no particular order: (of course, do I seem that organized?) Girly Party Banner featuring binding material by Holly Holderman, “Little Inner Circle” by LakeHouse Dry Goods.    Amoeba Apron pattern by Joan Hand Stroh (Ellen’s birdy apron fabric is from the Woodland Delight Collection by Paula Prass for Michael Miller).   Tumbler Quilt featuring Floating Mums by Philip Jacobs for Rowan Westminster Fabrics using Thimble Blossoms “Double Dip” pattern.   Chloe’s Baby Quilt featuring Party Dress by Mo Bedell for Blue Hill Fabrics and Kona Cotton Bright Pink for the binding.   Sasha’s baby quilt (pink and grey with fussy cut owls) pattern by Oh Fransson! Design.   David’s Quilt featuring Coleus by Philip Jacobs for Rowan, Clouds (name?) by Kaffe Fassett and various batiks, free pattern of the month from Little Quilts.   Goldfish Bag featuring “Gold Fish” Playdate fabrics by Patty Young for Michael Miller, Zen Garden and Ta Dot using the Mod Kid Sun & Surf Tote Lite Pattern.

I know…lots of holes and unsanswered bits. Folks are lucky I found any of the info at all given my current state of mayhem. I helped Mom adopt a puppy the day before Thanksgiving. Mom fell in love with the Humane Society Pet of the Week, Truffles, a maltese/terrier mix. We won the bid and took little Miss Truffles home. (By the way, a word of advice, always use The Price Is Right bidding method…bid an odd dollar amount like $501 to beat the competition.) The puppy has been renamed Bitsy (short for Itsy Bitsy, since she weighs all of 4 pounds soaking wet). Bitsy has been battling pneumonia, but she is doing much better now thanks to humidifiers and cuppage. She has a whole wardrobe of sweaters and fleeces from Wally World (Walmart).

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