A basket full of ornaments

I’ve been cranking out ornaments this past week. Doves, bells, Christmas trees…embellished with buttons and satin ribbon. I love fabric ornaments since my mom made such cute ones for me as a baby. She didn’t want me to hurt myself on glass ornaments so she sewed little Santas, angels, wreaths and drummer boys from ornament-printed fabric. We still hang them lovingly on our tree each year. My ornaments are up for sale on Etsy (littlebirdsews if you want to peek). I’m getting a little bored with the standard holiday designs. I’d love to make some funky bright jewel tone puffy vinyl hearts with feather accents and rhinestones…though that may just be my inner magpie talking. I’ll have to test that out. Mama Laura, my great-grandmother, once made large red velvet hearts with light stuffing to hang on a spindly indoor potted Christmas tree (like Charlie Brown’s pitiful little tree, only scrawnier–this was no mighty spruce). It was so sweet and sad all at the same time.

I can’t have a real Christmas tree in my house anymore because the Biscuit and Skyler eat the needles. Then they yak them up for weeks. It’s all rather gross. To remedy this, my annual tree is now a lovely white faux 7 foot tall version that lives in a box in the basement. I pull it out and throw all sorts of spangled, fluffy, hot pink, turquoise and lime green goodies at it. Feathered glass peacocks, reindeer with dangling beaded legs in orange, hot pink, lime green and vibrant purple, glass goldfish in pink, flashy bright blue, yellow-orange gold and fuschia…they all pop against the white tree. It takes Patrick and I hours to adorn it with all the lights, garland and ornaments. All of the ornaments on my tree are connected to special memories, even if they aren’t jewel-tone colors.  Gigantic glitter balls in hot pink, turquoise and lime green suddenly inhabit all the big white porcelain decorative bowls in the house. And my prized Neiman Marcus special edition snow globe (circa 1994, I think) with a sculpted kitty trying to get a goldfish in a bowl graces the mantel once again. That’s just the inside of our house. Usually, I like the outside to sparkle and shine like the Disney World Parade of Lights went rambling through on a drunken raid and got stuck in my yard. My porch is already bedecked in wonderful all-season globe lights in green, turquoise, hot pink and purple. Do you sense a theme yet about my favorite colors?

If my fabric ornaments don’t sell on Etsy, my friends and family may be getting them as gifts. 😉   I don’t want them to go to waste or miss being hung on a spindly limb. They all come with a blessing, and with the hope that whoever I give them to, forever equates them with the joy of Christmas and the love of family.

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