Frida’s Got Her Freak On

I haven’t been lazy, just too busy to quilt much or blog about it. This past weekend, my family took our two-car convoy down to Swainsboro, Georgia to see Weston Burt open for Lonestar at the Georgia Sports Arena. We stayed at the busiest (and nicest) La Quinta Inn in the nation, which also happened to be next door to a Cracker Barrel AND a Longhorn. Heaven, right? My parents LOVE country music, so much in fact that they started their own music label, Ramblin’ Music. Weston Burt is the first artist they signed. He is such a down-to-earth, wonderful person and a phenomenal performer. Check him out at if you like. I’m not even much of a country fan, but I truly enjoy what he does. His band was great too…Eric, Ricky, David, Greg and Matt (I think I have all their names right). Our hosts at the Georgia Sports Arena were Mr. and Mrs. Faircloth. There can’t be nicer people on the face of the planet. They prepared barbecue chicken and pulled pork all day long in preparation for the event and showed us the most amazing Southern hospitality EVER (yes, it really does still exist, way out in the boonies). We had the immense joy of eating this delicious food with Weston and his band, hanging out in the tour bus, watching the show from the front row and getting to know everyone. Frida’s Got Her Freak On is one of Weston’s songs that I really like. I think the pink thong mentioned in it offends some folks, but hey, have a sense of humor, laugh and enjoy it! 😉 All in all, it was a wonderful diversion away from the sewing machine.

I mentioned awhile back that I was working on a triangle quilt pattern from Amy Butler. It’s still underway. When I’m not working on ornaments or baby gifts, I hit it a lick. So far, four licks and four columns of triangles are pieced together. I’m loving the reds, oranges and yellows. What a deliriously bright happy quilt! This is dogeared as a Christmas gift for a good friend. I’m not sure if I can give it up once it’s done. That’s when I know I have made something fantastic…I’d rather keep it for myself. The backing fabric is going to be a large panel of Saffron Craig’s owls in trees print. I’ll post more photos when I finish the quilt top, before I deliver it to Little Quilts for the long arm treatment. Look at all that pop and contrast!

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