Oodles of Ornaments

After scarfing down a few too many Halloween cupcakes, I finally got motivated to work on Christmas stuff. I’m making ornaments for my Etsy site. This is my first batch. Behold, a little Christmas tree adorned with star buttons! A festive bell with ribbon bow and jingle bell! A sweet dove with a snowflake! And a sock monkey diamond with cheeky fuzzy balls! I love hand-sewn ornaments…they remind me of the ones my mom made when I was a baby so I wouldn’t hurt myself trying to eat the ornaments. Mine aren’t quite safe for babies, since I add embellishments. I might make some without the buttons and frills just in case.

Construction: I drew my own patterns for each of these and made a test sample. Adding the fuzzy trim to the monkey diamonds was a challenge–pin the trim (facing inwards) to the right side of your fabric one side at a time and stitch using your zipper foot. Once you add the trim all the way around, pin the two sides face together and stitch around most of the ornament. Leave a side to turn it right side out. It’s easier in my opinion to add the ribbon hanger after you stitch the ornament together (use a big needle to thread the ribbon and tie it off inside the ornament). I tried stitching it while I assembled the ornament and the silky ribbon wanted to move. Turn right side out, stuff with Fiber Fill and finish the open edge. Ta-Da!

I’m looking forward to having a big pile of these ready soon, though I know I’ll want to keep some for gifts. Check out Littlebirdsews on Etsy if you want some too. 🙂

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