Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween Everyone! These are the cupcakes of my ruin! Spice cake insides with whipped vanilla and butterceam icing. Little green monsters and spiky candy corn! There is a trick to getting the candy corns to stand up…add a thick layer of icing to each cupcake, then refrigerate for a while to let the icing harden. The monsters have watermelon gummy eyes with Reese’s Pieces pupils and noses, with cashew horns. Too cute!

My son went to see Paranormal Activities 3 with his buddies on Saturday night. He was smart and covered his eyes and ears for most of the ending. I have decided to postpone seeing it since we can’t have two giant chickens running through the house, scared of the dark, screaming at every thump and bump in the attic. Those movies hit too close to home. Tonight, he is going trick-or-treating as an Angry Bird. I can’t wait to see photos.

My big Halloween fete already happened this weekend. I dressed up as Babydoll from Suckerpunch. I’ll wait for the crickets to stop chirping in the background as you wonder, “Uh, who?”. I often manage to pick obscure costumes, but usually my Tech friends know who I am. Not this year. Aside from looking like a super hussy in my skimpy get-up, people thought I was Sailor Moon. For everyone who hasn’t seen the movie, which is everyone except me, check out Suckerpunch with its gorgeous cast of young Hollywood ladies, cool fight scenes and great special effects. It has a very noir graphic novel vibe. AND they use a fantastic, powerful song, Army of Me, by Bjork in the film.

Hope y’all have a fabulous, safe, creative Halloween! Save some Pixy Stix for me!

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