Felted Christmas Ornaments

Every November, my mom and I spend a weekend at her cabin overlooking the Cartecay River with my two cousins, Kelly and Meredith. We fix nachos and watch The Vicar of Dibley while working on craft projects. Last year, Mom brought felted wool, DMC thread and buttons. We sat by the fire making Christmas ornaments and flower brooches. I should have been more organized and gotten pictures of everything; sadly, I only have my ornaments. D’oh!

I drew the squirrel, blue bird and cardinal, then cut them out of felt and stitched them onto the felt circles using a blanket stitch. Same process with the gingerbread heart. I’m terrible at making french knots for some reason. Years ago when I was a kid, Bam and I worked on an embroidery sample to give to my mom. I was bored and hated it. It took months to finish and poor Bam agonized over my lack of interest in sewing. Suddenly, on my 28th birthday, I decided that it was time for me to sew! I finally had the patience. I called Bam up and she got me a machine as my birthday gift. Since that time, I have become interested in hand work, quilting, machine embroidery and even knitting.

Back to the ornaments…they are great gifts and don’t take much time. Plus, you get to work with large needles, cute findings and soft, fuzzy felt. Felted wool comes in gorgeous, rich colors and cuts well with sharp scissors. I prefered using a Sharpie to mark my cutting lines, then flipped the design over for a clean look. This is a super project for nimble kids too. (Probably 8 years old and up) Give it a try and have some fun!

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