Simple Tote Bags

I’m not being lazy this week, just spending time cutting out an elaborate pattern. When I posted my purses a few days ago, I didn’t post my tote bags. I figured they deserved
their own blog post. Both were original patterns. I have gotten very adept at lining my bags! The zig zag tumbler tote was my first work with tiny tumblers. It started as a quilt idea, but then I realized that I’d be sewing tumblers for eons. SO…it became a tote. Of course I can’t recall the fabric designer but I love the neon coral color! It fascinates me.

(Side story: When I was a little girl, my grandmother would take me to Hancock Fabrics and I would LOSE MY MIND and RUN AMOK. No, I wasn’t a badly-behaved
child, merely visually agog. The colors were sensory overload in the best way! I had no patience for sewing, but color was my obsession. To this day, it is difficult for me to reign in my with excitement when I see lots of colorful prints.)

The swan and plume tote bag was another fat quarter sitting alone, unrealized potential, until I decided it must be a useful object I could enjoy every day. I quilted it by hand, outlining the shape of the swans, birds with large plumes and feather swirls. I think this fabric may be by Tula Pink. She is such a talented fabric designer. I love how she often hides animals in her patterns, even when they seem to be simple florals or other prints. Very nice hallmark. The stitching is pink and the straps match the fabric on each side of the bag. The swan side has gorgeous pink feathers floating on a mint patterned background. I made it a little narrow so it would be perfect for magazines (I hate when they fall over in a big bag and get crushed pages).

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