Celebration Banners

I’m working on a party banner right now. I made one for my granddaddy’s birthday last year, in bright greens, blue, oranges and reds. We needed a girly version to use for girly birthdays. I chose some of Patty Young’s Playdate fabrics and some super vibrant floral and bird prints that look like watercolors (no clue where they originated). I used my 60 degree triangle template to cut out 4 triangles from each fat quarter and cut some thin batting to place between the layers. I stitched the right sides together, with the batting on the outside, leaving the top ov the triangle open. Then I turned the triangles right side out, pressed and VOILA! For the top binding across everything, I chose a striped polka dot on a black background, cut 4 1/2″ wide strips to piece, then folded the sides into the middle to create binding. (Essentially, you fold the binding in half, the fold the sides into the center fold. It ends up being about 1 1/8″ wide…perfect for binding the triangles together.) I overlap my triangles slightly. This makes it a little tougher to stitch through. I leave about 12″ worth of binding overhanging on each end and finish the binding by tucking the raw edges inside before stitching together. The extra overhang gives you room to pin the banner and make a loop (looks better).  This would be really cute as a gift with Happy Birthday or someone’s name appliqued onto it.

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