East Cobb Quilter’s Guild Show 2011

On Friday, I visited the East Cobb Quilter’s Guild Show. A couple of years ago, Mom and I took Bam. My favorite was a stunning Chinese dragon quilt by Mary Ann Henderson (Bam said that’s who did it) covered in gorgeous embroidery and thousands of tiny Swarovski crystals. Sadly, I don’t have a photo of it.

However, I did snap shots of some really cool quilts. I love the Baltimore applique quilt (especially that crab cake!). It even included a Big Chicken square. The koi pond wall hanging was applique (I think) with hand-stitching. It was gorgeous up close. The Georgia Tech hanging gave me an idea for a super grad gift when my brother and cousin finish Tech. Go Jackets! But wherever did she find the center panel? The Japanese fabric quilt was really amazing. It featured piping accenting each clover shape. I also enjoyed the group quilt showcasing an undersea theme. The jellyfish was made with shimmery chiffon and the pink octopus was guarding a treasure chest full of jewels (sewn-on beads).

I’m still not sure if I’ll ever enter a show. Bam says they have very high standards for near-perfect stitching and excellent workmanship. I aspire to perfection, but mostly just enjoy the journey.

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