Corduroy Birdy Bag and Flannel Birdy Clutch

Both created from an Amy Butler makeup bag pattern. I love the little birds and stripes on these corduroy and flannel fabrics. The big corduroy one is lined in a funky light blue large irregular polka dot on off white background. The zippered flannel clutch in pastels is lined in Amy Butler’s Martini Olives (something like that) in pale blue and chartreuse. Bam and I agree that small projects make you feel better in between large quilts. You get a quicker sense of accomplishment and a slight break to refresh your quilting urge.

Painfully funny story: The first time I tried to install a zipper in a tote bag, I was on my own. Fearless and ignorant to the dangers, I followed the directions but managed to hit the zipper somewhere in the process. I stuck my index finger under the needle, trying to stop the mayhem. POING! The needle put one stitch through the side of my finger before hitting my fingernail, breaking in half and smacking me in the eye. Once the shock wore off, I told Bam about it and had a good laugh. Maybe I should wear goggles and chain mail?

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