The Sky Is The Limit Quilt

I made this t-shirt quilt for my son in 2009. Thank goodness I saved every soccer, baseball and basketball jersey he ever wore! And lots of really cute fun shirts. He’s 14 now, but I’m glad that I made something he can always treasure. He sleeps under it every night. The Minkee backing makes it very warm and snuggly.

This quilt is easy to make but takes a lot of prep work. All of the shirts must be taken apart, front and back slit apart, sleeves and collars removed (unless you plan to use them). Each shirt is then fused to a thin interfacing. Having a good iron and an applique heat sheet is essential for success. Once you get everything fused, it’s time to cut each shirt down to the same size. Square ’em up! Be careful not to singe or melt any numbers on jerseys. Michael’s sells a great selection of iron on letters and numbers if you want to add or correct anything. After that, add sashing and a cute border. Again I must admit, this pattern is not my own, but I can’t recall who it belongs to. D’oh! I used a sport ball themed fabric for the border and yellow stars for my sashing.

My son loves Minkee fabric. I found the most incredible Royal Blue Tie-dyed Minkee online and used it for the backing. The finishing touch was a rainbow stripe, bias cut, for the binding. And, of course, the embroidered label as the cherry on top!

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