My very first quilt!

I mentioned this bad boy in my first post. Bam and I found the quilt kit at Quilting By The Bay in Panama City. I loved the curves and batik fabrics (they glow like stained glass)…little did I know though how hard it would be to piece. It was listed as an Intermediate to Hard design. The instructions mentioned pinning but didn’t act like it was necessary. It said you could just use a quill for tricky parts. I have a knack for choosing the most difficult projects when I start something new and this was no exception. Piecing the curvy triangles together…no problem. Bam would pin and I would sew. However, the two S curved halves of each block proved treacherous. No matter how we pinned and pressed seams, the center seam was wonky and wrong. It took a month to complete one square. Staring down the barrel of 19 mores squares…WHEW! Daunting! For a year, every Saturday, for hours, we patiently stitched it together. The end result was completely worth the trouble. And I’m a fearless quilter thanks to this challenge!

Bam and I love fun, funky quilts and this doozy set the bar high!

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3 Responses to My very first quilt!

  1. Andrea says:

    Oh my gosh, this quilt is fabulous! And I love the batiks. Do you know the name of the pattern? I’d live to try to find it and give it a try!

    • shnelly13 says:

      Thank you! The batiks really glow. I’ll try to find the name of the pattern this week. I still have it somewhere. It was a precut kit but you may be able to find something similar online.

    • shnelly13 says:

      Hi Andrea,
      I dug up the pattern in my files. The kit was the Triple-dyed Bali Batik Wheel of Mystery Quilt by John Flynn featuring triple-dyed balis from Benartex, Inc. I got the kit down a Quilting By The Bay in Panama City. It was listed as a “Intermediate to Advanced” Skill Level. The pattern says that you can get away without pinning the pieces. With curves? I don’t know how and my grandmother, an expert quilter with 60 years of experience, couldn’t figure that out either. So we pinned them a LOT. It’s essential. I can send you scans of the pattern insert if you can’t find the pattern or kit anywhere. Just LMK. Thank you for your comment!

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