Hello Quilting Fanatics!

Hi there!

This is my first blog and I’m very nervous about it! I wanted opportunities to share my love of quilting and learn more from other quilters. Sometimes I’m extremely prolific (five completed quilts in the past six months); other times, I’m just slow (my first quilt took a year to complete…S curves are not easy). This was a Beach Ball quilt I finished last year. I’ll post photos of the back and tag later. The back has a large appliqued beach ball in the center. I was tickled with how much the pinks POP (FYI–they look a little distorted in the photo). Feel free to leave comments!

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3 Responses to Hello Quilting Fanatics!

  1. Donna Brooks says:

    Very cool! Proud of you, Jo –

  2. Miriam says:

    This is a gorgeous quilt! I love the way you have combined the colours. Thanks for visiting my blog – nice to meet you!

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