Bam’s Silhouette Quilt

Quilting is a family affair for us. My mom enjoys sewing and we collaborated on a Mother’s Day gift for Bam a few years ago. We found the adorable little fluffy cloud fabric at Quilting By The Bay, snuck it into our stuff to surprise her and came up with a plan. Mom and I managed to get copies of the silhouettes of her, her brothers, me, my brother, our four cousins and my son. Transferring the images onto the fabric was a little tricky. That printable fabric has no stretch or give…good for the image but tough to sew with more flexible fabrics.

We chose white polka dot Minkee for the backing. Our local quilt shop wasn’t jazzed about that idea (Minkee makes such a fuzzy mess!), but they managed to do a gorgeous job on the longarm machine. FYI…My disclaimer: I almost never make the quilt sandwich or do the machine quilting. I don’t have a longarm machine or the patience to fool with it. However, I do love finishing the binding by hand with tiny anchored stitches and embroidered labels. You can see the backing fabric and label below.

Something funny to mention…my grandmother is so technologically savvy. She reads all the manuals for her machines, computers, etc. AND does the tutorials. She even knows what a dongle is and how to use it. I just thought it was a really dirty word.

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